9(g) Visa or Pre-arranged Employment Visa

9(g) Visa or Pre-Arranged Employment Visa

Foreign nationals intending to work  in the Philippines for a year or more may avail this visa. Requirements of this working visa are as follows:

1. Passport;

2. Curriculum vitae indicating the educational background, work experience(s) and degree obtained by the applicant;

3. Employment Contract, Secretary’s Certificate of Election, Appointment or Assignment of applicant, or equivalent document, with details of exact compensation, duration of employment and comprehensive description of the nature and scope of the applicant’s position in the company;

4.Machine-validated Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Certificate of Registration; Articles of Incorporation; and General Information Sheet (GIS) for the current year stamped received by the SEC;

5. Photocopy of petitioner’s latest Income Tax Return (ITR) with the corresponding proof of payment (official receipt, bank teller’s validation slip, BIR’s eFPS payment details’ print-out or other similar evidence);

6. Applicant’s proof of Tax Identification Number (TIN);

7. Approved Alien Employment Permit;

8. 2×2 photos;

9. Letter request on company's letterhead;  and

10. For dependents, marriage contract, birth certificate or family registry duly authenticated by the Philippine Consulate Abroad that has jurisdiction over the place of marriage or birth.