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Terms and Conditions:

  1. Payment made online isgoverned by the contract entered between SureVisa Manila and the Client / Purchaser.
  2. Client / Purchaser agrees that withdrawal of theagreementmay only be made if SureVisa Manila fails to secure the latter a visa or if appeal is available, appeal had been exhausted but not successful.
  3. Contract entered is immediately effective once the Client / Purchaser sign a Contract of Agreement, Visa Initiation Service Agreement or Retainership Agreement with SureVisa Manila.
  4. Forfeiture of money back guarantee agreement is effective if the client fails to disclose material fact that lead to visa denial.
  5. Withdrawal at any stage of the application including and during the appeal shall forfeit any amount paid by the Client / Purchaser.
  6. Refund may be allowed by SureVisa Manila provided the latter has not yet started conducting research, draft letter, petition or affidavit and refund request must be made within 3 days from the time Client / Purchaser avail the Company’s visa assistance.
  7. All conflicts and disagreement shall be governed by the Philippine Law and if Court intervention is sought, venue shall be in Quezon City only.










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