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I was denied of a UK Fiancée Visa.  I was only given 28 days within which to file my appeal or I would lose the embassy fee paid amounting Php 60,000.00.  From Bataan, I went straight to Manila and retain the services of SureVisa Manila.  They handle my appeal and definitely – I made the.. read more →

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My Marriage Visa application was denied. I lost Php 60,000.00, just for filing. The Entry Clearance Officer concluded that I cannot migrate because my husband, who is also my sponsor, has no financial capability to support me whilst in the United Kingdom. When I received the notice of denial, I was so upset, I do not.. read more →

My wife is a UK Work Permit holder. I filed my application as dependant to join her in the UK. I was suspected that the marriage was entered simply to pave my way of entry in the UK. The Entry Clearance Officer concluded and utilized that presumption to deny my visa application.  I was so frustrated.  Fortunately, when.. read more →

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