Getting a B1 or B2 visa from the US Embassy is as hard as heating the star.  I do not want my first application be denied.  I have a lot of hesitations to pursue my US tourist visa application because I do not know how to properly fill-up form, what reason to state and documents.. read more →

I admit that I was four times denied of a US Visa application.  My company searched for a visa firm that could assist us with our US Visa application. We need to be sent to the United States to attend trainings.  On my fifth try, our company retained the services of SureVisa Manila.  My visa.. read more →

I am single and was denied of a US Tourist Visa application. Our family searched for someone to assist us to handle our US Visa application.  We sought the assistance of SureVisa Manila.  I was persuaded by my brother to retain their visa assistance services, maybe because of the money back offer.  I have no regret. I.. read more →

Thank you SureVisa Manila for many reasons.  My Unites States of America K1 fiancee visa was granted and all I and my sponsor did was to sign the documents and papers prepared by SureVisa Manila.   Thank you as well for the free pick-up and delivery and interview coaching.  100% of the questions cast by the.. read more →

I know that the income that I am generating would somehow doubt the US Embassy whether I could sustain my stay in the United States.  I also do not have any travel abroad.  Most especially, I am single.  We sought the assistance of SureVisa Manila and all I did was to sign and bring the.. read more →

There is a spreading rumor that the US Embassy would not grant your tourist visa application if you are a Registered Nurse.  More so, if your parents are in the United States and previously filed a petition for immigration in your behalf.  These issues compels me to find a visa expert that would help me.. read more →

The last time we applied for a US Tourist Visa application, we were denied.  Afraid to do it by ourselves again, we sought the assistance of SureVisa Manila.  They offer money back guarantee on a “no visa no fee” basis.  They do all the work such as submission, filling forms and interview coaching.  No regret,.. read more →

I was hired to work as Stewardess and the company that hires me Motor Yatch Relentless does not have a manning agency in the Philippines.  I choose SureVisa Manila to handle my US Visa application.  Through their help, my visa was granted. MARIBEL RUFINO Travel Specialist read more →

My parents are citizens of the United States of America.  Normally, US Embassy does not grant visa to Filipino child of an American Citizen.  Through the help of SureVisa Manila, I was able to secure a 10-year multiple entry visa to the US.   IMEE PAJARILLO GOCC Employee read more →

On my first application, I was refused of a visa.  Because of the trust I reposed to SureVisa Manila, I let them handle my visa application.  Through their help, I and my parents were able to obtain a 10-year multiple entry visa to the US.     LOVELY YVETTE GARCIA Certified Public Accountant read more →