Denmark is a country of modest intellectuals whose way of living is called “Hygge” (pronounced as ‘hooga’) which means feeling ‘snug’ or ‘cosy’. Hygge is the Danes’ way of life centered on feeling comfortable by slowing down and spending time with good friends and loved ones. This is a unique Danish concept that catapulted Danes and other Scandinavians to score high on the global index. Hygge is about evoking glow and warmth to long dark winter nights by sipping hot drinks around warm fire and creating a cheerful, welcoming homey mood inside the house. The essence of this unique concept is that it focuses more on the level of care one gives or takes rather than the cash spent.

To continuously make sure that the country is able to sustain its strong economic stability, Danish government takes a liberal and unorthodox approach when it comes to supporting social equality among its citizenry, much more on freedom and expression of love and pursuing marital bliss. Hence, a Danish citizen may take his/her non-European partner to Denmark to start a family life.

Who should apply for a Fiancee Visa?

Filipinos who are to be married or those who entered into ‘registered partnership’ with their Danish partners are eligible to apply.

Where to apply for a Marriage Visa?

An applicant is advised to submit his/her duly completed application form along with the supporting documents to the closest Denmark Embassy/Consulate in the country where he/she is at.

What are the requirements?

- Passport
- Passport photo
- Cover Letter
- Required visa pictures
- Completed Application form
- Documents showing how couple met and entered into a serious relationship
- Document proving applicant is in good health
- Wedding Day booking document
- Passport of Danish partner or Resident Permit for a Non-Danish national
working in Denmark
- Basic Danish Language Course Taken
- Travel Insurance
- Documents proving sponsor’s financial capacity to start a family
- Sponsor’s proof of accommodation

What is the processing time?

Visa processing can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks from the date the petition is filed to the final decision of the visa application’s status.

How can SureVisa Manila help you?

SureVisa Manila supports everyone’s right to marital pursuit as long as it is within the boundary of both local and international laws. As such, we do our best to make sure every applicant is reunited with his/her loved ones in Denmark thru our meticulous and personalized visa assistance processing method.