Domestic Helper Visa


Managing a household requires every ounce of sissyphus in every woman or whoever is in-charge of the house. From dusk till dawn, the task of cleaning, shopping, budgeting, cooking never ends not to mention if there are children or pets that need some looking after. Come next day, it’s a repeat performance. That is why couples with children categorized under nuclear families or elderly couples would normally employ a house help either part-time or full time in nature to help manage their daily lives.

For non-UK citizens, especially Filipinos, who are employed as domestic helpers and have met the requirement of having been served the same employer for one year is eligible to apply for a domestic helper visa.

What is a Domestic Helper Visa?
It is a legal document allowing cleaners, chauffeurs, cooks, nannies and those providing personal care for the employer and the family to stay in the United Kingdom for 6 months.

Who is eligible?
- Applicant works as a domestic worker in a private household
- S/he is not a citizen of the European Economic Area and Switzerland
- Age falls between 18 to 65 years old
- Have worked for the same employer for at least 1 year
work in the same household as his/her employer
- Plans to travel to UK with your employer, their partner or children
- Intends to work as full-time domestic worker in the same UK household
- Plans to leave the UK at the end of 6 months or at the same time as your employer, whichever is sooner
- S/he is able to support himself/herself in the UK without having to recourse to public funds

What are the requirements?
- Passport

- Passport photo

- Documents showing financial capability of supporting himself/herself during the trip

(e.g. bank statements or payslips for the last 6 months)

- Travel itinerary including return travel booking

- Letter from Employer confirming previous 1 year employment contract along with pay slips or bank statements showing salary payment

- Completed Overseas Domestic Worker Employment Contract

- Employment letter stating minimum wage compensation

How long is the processing time?

Applicant should get a decision on his/her application within 3 weeks from the date it was lodged.

How can SureVisa Manila help?

Surevisa Manila knows that not every household has the presence of a domestic goddess and once in a while, a helping hand comes very handy. It is our aim to be at the crux of sending off reliable Filipino house help to their British employers.