Family Member Visa


Nothing is more heart-rending than families living separately, not by choice but because of immigration law challenges. Australian government has considered the plight of some of its multi-racial families separated by distance and disparity in citizenship. They came up with the Family Visa provision to ensure that no one is left behind in living the “Great Australian Dream”. This type of program has the following sub-categories to make sure that everyone is covered:

1. Child Migration Visa – a dependent child, orphan relative or adopted child of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen is eligible to obtain this visa.

2. Parent Migration Visa – Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen may petition their parents who are not of Australian citizenship for this visa.

3. Other Family Migration Visa – this provision is intended for aged dependent relatives, remaining relatives and carers of Australian citizens, permanent residents of Australia and eligible New Zealand citizens to live in Australia permanently.

What are the requirements?
- Completed Form containing information of the sponsee (child, parent or other family members)

- Accomplished Sponsorship Form signed by the sponsor

- Passport
- Passport photo
- Other legal documents establishing identities (birth certificates, baptismal certificate, school records, Certificate of Marriage etc)
- Documents showing no criminal record ( for 16 year old and above sponsee)
- Relationship evidence documents

*Additional documents maybe be required by the embassy upon publication of this article

How long is the processing time?

Child Visa takes about 3 to14 months maximum to process and for the embassy to relay the result of the application.

For Parent and Other Family Migration, the embassy has the “Capp and Que” policy which means they process and decide on 75% of visa applications within a certain time frame for these visa category. In layman’s term, they have a quota/target and once the quota has been met, they stop processing and decide on 75% of the applications. Once done, they open a new visa processing cycle again. There is an indefinite waiting period for these type of visas.

A closer look on Australia’s Family Stream migration program, clearly indicates how they put higher priority to child and partner visa applications. Parent and Other Family applications are placed in the backburner.