Fiancée Visa


Australia is a land of happy smiling faces, this was the most notable trait of Australians when tourists have their first encounter with an ‘Aussie’. Who would not smile when a random face calls you ‘mate’? Other reasons to grin about the Australian life are: more relaxed work culture, 4 to 5 weeks of paid vacation leave, and they have more space for flora and fauna.

Because Australia is one the countries in the world with low population density, inter-marriage is highly encouraged. The Australian government is very supportive of this practice thru their “Prospective Marriage Visa” provision. This type of visa allows anyone who is non Australian, betrothed or engaged to an Australian Citizen, to legally enter Australia and pursue a family life.

How can SureVisa help you?

SureVisa Manila (SVM) believes that everyone has the right to pursue a life without geographical boarders. SVM offers its expertise in visa processing assistance to everyone especially to Filipinos who long to be permanently reunited with his/her would be spouse residing in the land down under.