The following are the requirements when applying for an Ireland Visa:

1. Print out of 2 page visa application summary sheet from, signed by applicant
2. 3 pcs. identical, passport size photographs, taken within previous six months, with white background
3. Original Passport that should be valid for a period of at least 6 months after the intended date of RETURN from Ireland. Plus Two sets of CLEAR photocopies of all passport pages – containing stamps of any kind or visas; blank pages may be omitted.
4. Original and 2 Copies of previous Irish visas and other valid visas in old passports and their respective identity pages
5. Certificate of Employment/Enrollment from current employer/school guaranteeing employment/enrollment of the applicant upon their return after their visit to Ireland.(if applicable), this must be on official letterhead with contact details and must state, duration of approved leave of absence, and must be accompanied by recent 3 months payslips.
6. Birth and Marriage Certificate( If applicable)- original or NSO copy.
7. Evidence of Flight & Hotel Booking or Letter of Invitation & Support/Assurance from host, stating dates of proposed visit, relation to applicant, contact details, address of accommodations if being provided, extent of support and guarantee that they will assure their guest will not be a burden on the state and will not exceed their permission to stay.
8. Evidence of funds – recent bank account statements, updated passbook (6 months), etc.
9. Letter of Assurance- A written undertaking that you will observe the conditions of your visa, that you will not become a burden on the State, and that you will leave the State on the expiration of your permission to remain.
10. Travel Insurance – applicable to all short stay applicants (ie visit/tourist/business, etc)



From Sponsor in Ireland:

• Copy Identity page of passport along with most recent visa and Gardai stamp
• Invitation Letter & Affidavit of Support
• Evidence of Funds: Bank Statements(min. 6mos.), Payslips (atleast 3 mos.)& P60 form
• Certification of Employment or Evidence of Business
• Work/ Green Card Permit & An Bord Registration (if applicable)
• Valid GNIB -Gardai Certificate of Registration (if non EU national)
• Original Birth/Marriage certificate (to show relation to applicant)
• Proof of address/evidence of accommodation i.e. utility bill, lease agreement

For Dependent Children:

• Original Marriage Certificate of Parents
• Original Birth Certificate of child
• Parental Travel consent from parents. Both parents should provide consent and valid IDs regardless of who is traveling with the child. If either parent is unable to provide consent, legal proof of sole guardianship must be provided.


• Letter of invitation/confirmation from Irish company/counterpart in Ireland stating the reason for and duration of proposed visit and responsibility for the applicant’s accommodation/maintenance cost, etc., on company letterhead, email address of reference must be indicated in letter; and/or
• Letter from conference host setting out details including nature, duration and programme of conference and responsibility for accommodation/maintenance costs, and confirmation of delegate registration; and
• Travel/ Flight Itinerary and confirmation of Hotel Bookings
• Evidence of Funds if expenses are not shouldered by company, & explanation why it is not shouldered by the company.
• Travel Insurance coverage for the duration of the trip
• Letter of Assurance from applicant
• Religious should include local superior endorsement
• Government officials (using red passports) must have DFA endorsement


• Letter of registration/invitation from college/school/ employer verifying the duration/nature of the course or examination; and
• Evidence that the requisite fees have been paid in full; and/or that the company will shoulder all costs and accommodation expenses
• Evidence that the applicant has sufficient funds to maintain him/herself for the period of his/her proposed stay; or all supporting documents from sponsor as evidence
• Medical insurance for the duration of stay, if less than 1 yr.
• Details of Accommodation
• Evidence that you have a sufficient level of English to fully undertake the course


• Passport or other proof citizenship of Irish spouse
• ACR card or Visa if Irish sponsor is resident in the Philippines
• Marriage/Partnership Certificate and(if applicable) a notarized English translation
• Birth certificates of children
• Letter of Invitation and Affidavit of Support from Spouse/Partner
• A Detailed account as to how the Irish/EU citizen met the applicant
• Evidence showing relationship history ie. stamps on passport showing trips to the Philippines , pictures together, etc. (phone records, emails, chats, sms/text, not applicable)
• Evidence of Partnership of no civil partnership certificate is available, ie. Joint bank account, joint tenancy, conjugal ownership of property, children, etc. covering a period 2 yrs or more
• Evidence that the Irish citizen has sufficient funds to maintain their spouse. ie. Payslips, bank statements (6mos.), latest P60 or other tax document
• Certificate of Employment of Irish spouse, or evidence of business
• Details of Irish citizen’s accommodation in the State. ie. utility bill, lease agreement
• The Irish spouse’s birth certificate must also be presented in case of discrepancy between the passport and marriage certificate.


• Passport or other proof of citizenship of Irish/EU spouse & Philippine ACR or visa.
• Marriage/Partnership Certificate and(if applicable) a notarized English translation.
• Hotel Bookings or Letter of Invitation from host in Ireland stating dates of proposed visit, relation to applicant, contact details, address of accommodations if being provided by host.
• Evidence of Funds.
• Flight Itinerary showing if travelling together or not.
• Certificate of employment of Irish spouse, dated the month of application (if applicant not traveling with Irish spouse).

Take note that if the visa is denied, APPEAL must be submitted within 60 days and filed before The Visa Appeals Officer of Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Services of the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform in Ireland.