Netherlands is a desirable country to live in and start a family. It is a country in which their way of life is having the freedom to choose and to be happy. According to UNICEF’S 2013 “Child Well Being in Rich Countries Survey” Dutch kids are the happiest kids in the world. These children ranked high among its peers on the following areas: material well-being, educational well-being, and behavior and risks.

It is no surprise that happy kids have Dutch moms who also ranked among the happiest people in the world. The survey was from United Nation’s first World Happiness Report. Overall, Netherlands ranked 4th as the happiest nation in the world. Happiness was measured through the social progress metrics.

A logical explanation on this “Happiness Phenomena” states that “Dutch people have the freedom to choose their life partners, their religion, their sexuality, the usage of recreational drugs. Dutch people are flying high with their sense of freedom and that makes their country truly unique.

In line with this, Dutch people have the final say in choosing their life partner be it someone of different race or ethnic background. The government is fully supportive of its citizen’s marital pursuits.

Who should apply for a Schengen Visa?

The following are qualified to apply: Filipinos who are pledged in marriage or those who entered into ‘registered partnership’ with their Dutch partners.

Where to apply for Schengen Visa?

It is practical that the applicant submit his/her duly completed application form along with the pertinent documents to the nearest Netherlands Embassy/Consulate in the country where he/she resides.

What are the requirements?

- Passport

- Passport photo

- Cover Letter

- Accomplished Application form

- Documents showing progression of how the couple met and entered into a committed


- Document showing applicant is in good health

- Evidence of Wedding Day booking

- Passport of Dutch partner or Resident Permit for a Non-Dutch national

working in the Netherlands

- Basic Dutch Language Course Taken

- Travel Insurance

- Documents proving sponsor’s financial capacity to start a family

- Sponsor’s proof of accommodation

What is the processing time and how does the visa work?

Visa processing can take 15 calendar days. An applicant may be given a Schengen Tourist visa to allow entry unto the country. Once the applicant is in the Netherlands, the marriage can take place and eventually the Dutch partner/spouse can apply for a permanent resident card for his/her spouse or partner.

How can SureVisa Manila help you?

SureVisa Manila advocates freedom of choice especially in the area of marital bliss as long as it does not violate both local and international laws. As such, we do our best to make sure that every couple separated by distance will be reunited with their loved ones in the Netherlands by providing personalized, hassle free and meticulous visa assistance service.