Partner Visa


For decades now, Australia is gripped with low population issue. The Australian government deemed it’s high time they put more intensity into their low population density through their migration laws. The government provided rigid yet compliable requirements on reuniting non-Australians to their Australian partner-sponsors through their Partner Visa Program.

Because times have changed and people are now in liberty to pursue situations that suit them best, deliberately unmarried couples who are separated because of citizenship are now welcome to start a family in Australia under the De Facto Partner Visa.

What is De Facto Partner Visa?

This visa is intended for unmarried couples who are in a de facto (Latin phrase for in actual existence) relationship for one year or 12 months prior to application. In layman’s term, couples who are in a “live-in relationship” or “ domestic partnership” are qualified to apply for this type of visa.

There are other quality of relationship requirements that must be met, such as: the Australian and Filipino couple must be able to prove that they are in an exclusive relationship; their love for each other is genuine; they are both looking at the “ live happily forever’ ending.

Once visa is granted, the non-Australian partner is allowed to legally enter Australia and to settle permanently with his/her partner.

What are the requirements?

-Completed Application Migration to Australia Form (by the partner)
-Accomplished Sponsorship For a Partner To Migrate to Australia Form(by the sponsor)
- Passport
- Passport photo
-Other legal documents that establish identities of the couple (birth certificates or Certificate of No Marriage or CENOMAR for the Filipino partner)
- Documents showing no criminal record
- Relationship Documents

What is the processing time?

Provided that all requirements are submitted completely, processing time varies depending on the number of application the embassy receives