When love came knocking on the hearts of UK Solicitor/Lawyer Desmond Sopp and Ms. Heidi Morales Ocampo, the force was so strong that they both knew they had to be together and the 6,754 mile distance is not a hindrance nor the stringent UK immigration laws. The gentleman Solicitor wasted no time looking for a reputable and dependable Manila-based Visa Consultancy company to help them process Ms. Ocampo’s Entry Clearance Application to the UK. Attorney Sopp did a thorough research and made Surevisa Manila as his final choice based on his high standard as a lawyer. Lo and behold, the solicitor’s instinct in entrusting Surevisa Manila with the task, was one of the best choices he made (next to choosing Ms. Ocampo as his wife).

After the paper works had been completed and the application was lodged, the couple did not wait very long before Ms. Ocampo was given the visa she needed to enter the UK. Ms. Morales and Solicitor Desmond Sopp were very happy with the level of expertise and competence that Surevisa extended to them.

Having earned the confidence of a high caliber UK Solicitor/Lawyer is truly a validation that SureVisa is a trusted brand. It is rewarding considering the fact that a solicitor/Attorney who earned his law degree in the UK is highly meticulous and has set the bar high in securing legal services for himself and his spouse. It is a testament to Surevisa’s creed that we make this world borderless, one applicant at a time.

As of this writing, Solicitor Desmond Sopp is living a happy married life. Their confidence in SureVisa Manila is overflowing that they are recommending the latter services to compatriot. He knows that Surevisa is dependable, offers a very competitive rate and delivers its promise of visa approval for every applicant. As they always say, trust the gut of a solicitor and you can never go wrong!