Unmarried Partner


“All is fair in love and in war”a clichéthat stood the test of timeas people ploy, act coy and destroy whatever stand their way just toget what they want. In the game of life, not every player andspectator get what they truly desire: a loving partner, that whitepicket fence house, the ideal job/career, good health, etc. Life’stwists throw one off the beaten path.

Whether the cards were stacked against you or you’re dealing with abad hand, once the table had cleared and man is reduced to humbledesolation, all he ever wants is to have a second chance on love, asecond take on life.

This is the essence of the UK Unmarried Partner Visa. That if someoneis hand-feet-bound in an unhappy marriage, he/she can have that secondchance on love by pursuing a life of happiness provided that an actualgenuine and progressive relationship exists between a British Citizen/UK permanent resident/ UK asylum or humanitarian protection recipientand his/her partner for at least 2 years. In the most plain definitionof “De Facto”, a relationship simply exist even without the blessingof the law. This visa applies both to same-sex and heterosexualrelationships as long as partners are not consanguineous(blood-related).

Who are eligible?

Partner should be over 18 years old and can prove the following:

-     They are in a genuine relationship

-     One partner is married

-     Both have been together in a relationship for 2 years or more

-     Partners are in a civil partnership

-     That you and your partner have the intention to staytogether in the relationship

What are the basic requirements?

-     Documents to prove identity and existence of relationship

-     Financial capacity of one or both to pursue life oftogetherness in the UK without the need to recourse to public funds

-     Good command of the English language

-     That the petitioned partner is in good health and does nothave any criminal record

What is the processing time?

Most applications are processed within 60 days.