Visitor Visa


Applicant for UK Tourist Visa must determine which tourist visa application is appropriate for him to file.  If the applicant has an immediate relative in the UK, he should apply for as a UK Tourist Family Visa.  On the other hand, if he would just visit the UK for a scenery or tourist attractions, General Visitor Visa is the visa that the applicant should apply.

Now – the question is the processing timeline to secure a UK Tourist Visa.  Most of the applicants obtain the Entry Clearance Officer decision in 2 weeks.  However, sometimes it took four (4) weeks before decision may be obtained.

What are the requirements for UK Tourist Visa?  Requirements varies depending on the purpose or intention of visit.  Other may go there to get married, study for a short period, visit relative or stay there for a mere pleasure.  Whatever the purpose, the applicant must strengthen his application by establishing strong ties in the country of origin.